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All concerts at 8pm except the Iditarod
All concerts in Jordan Hall except for the Iditarod
All concerts FREE!

Additional mid-day concerts by SICPP Fellows at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Calderwood Hall.
Free with Museum admission; or free admission to concert only. Daytime concerts are
Monday (June 16), then Wednesday-Friday (June 18-20), all from 11:30am - 12:30pm.

Sunday, June 15
John Tilbury, piano
Morton Feldman: Intersection 3 (1953)
Morton Feldman: Piano Piece 1952
Morton Feldman: Extensions 3 (1952)
Cornelius Cardew: February Pieces 1960/61 + 4th System
Cornelius Cardew: Material (1964)
Cornelius Cardew: The Croppy Boy (1974)
Cornelius Cardew: Unintended Piano Music (1970)
John Tilbury: Stirrings Still (text by Samuel Beckett)
Christian Wolff: Tilbury 2
Jordan Hall

Monday, June 16
Nino Jvania, piano
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Natural Durations (US premiere of the complete cycle)
Jordan Hall

Tuesday, June 17
Stephen Drury, piano; Callithumpian Consort
Lee Hyla: Basic Training
Lee Hyla: Migracion
Lee Hyla: We Speak Etruscan
Frederic Rzewski: Down By The Riverside
John Zorn: Carny
Charles Ives: Set for Theater Orchestra
Chaya Czernowin: Wintersongs 4 (premiere)
Jordan Hall

Wednesday, June 18
SICPP Faculty Soloists
Hans Thomalla: wild.thing
John Nichols III: The Pillar for percussion and electronics
Eric Lyon: Chameleon I for percussion and electronics
Yehuda Yannay: Continuum for piano and video
Jordan Hall

Thursday, June 19
SICPP Faculty Soloists
Roger Reynolds: Process and Passion
Roger Reynolds: The Palace (Voicespace IV)
Roger Reynolds: "...From Behind the Unreasoning Mask"
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Komet
Jordan Hall

Friday, June 20 at 4PM
SICPP Electronic Workshop Fellows
SICPP 2014 Electronic Workshop concert, featuring new works by SICPP Electronic Workshop fellows Louis Goldford, Brigham Hall, Robin Lohrey, Stefanie Lubkowski, Ariane Miyasaki, Beth McDonald, Jacob Rudin, Borey Shin, and Aaron Wyanski.
Pierce Hall (St. Botolph bldg)

Friday, June 20 at 8PM
SICPP Faculty Soloists
Nicholas Vines: Uncanny Valley for piano solo
Linda Dusman: Magnificat 1
Robert Ashley: Resonant Combinations
Roger Reynolds: imagE/flute (2009)
Roger Reynolds: Kokoro
Roger Reynolds: When They Were Gone and Something Resides ... (from Seasons II)
Jordan Hall

Saturday, June 21, 4:00 PM until whenever
The 2014 SICPP Iditarod, hours and hours of new music!
Brown Hall

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